How to Install Showbox on Kodi [100% Working Repo]

We all love being entertained by watching shows and movies of our favourite genre may it be comedy, horror, romance, etc. The best form of the entertainment is the one which comes for free and there can be nothing better than ShowBox when we consider free entertainment. It has been one of the best stop for full time entertainment and have been supported my many devices ranging from smartphones to desktops. Here comes one of the best thing about ShowBox i.e. now it is also available on Kodi. It has always been very flexible and now it is also easy to get showbox installed on Kodi.

Even though showbox was released on iOS and android platforms for free but due to some piracy issues it was later on taken down and now can be downloaded via some links. So if you want to download show box for Android/iOS you can consider reading our other articles. Now we will also describe step by step instructions to download show box on Kodi.

ShowBox on Kodi

Starting with a brief overview about showbox. It is an online video streaming applications which takes shows and movies from torrents in good video quality and keeps it available for download. You have various options to choose from which video quality you want to watch in and also you can download it on your device. So we can say that it removes all the extra efforts you need to put in to search for any show or movie you need to watch by doing it all by itself.

Whereas Kodi is open source software for home theatre concept where you get to watch almost anything on your laptop or desktop or smartphone whatever device you use. It was developed by XBMC also known as Kodi foundation which supports multiple hardware and operating system platforms with a feature of 10-foot interface. Now it also has an add-on for showbox. Which means you can install showbox add-on on Kodi and watch everything on your television too.

How to install ShowBox on Kodi?

To install showbox add-on for Kodi is no tough job you just need to follow some steps that I will describe and you are up for your entertainment.

  • Launch the Kodi application on your device.
  • Once home screen appears, select
  • Then navigate to File Manager->Add Source->None

  • You can manually enter this bath or also browse over for media location as in the URL and click on “Ok”.
  • Once done enter the media source as Showbox and click on Ok
  • Navigate back to home screen Menu and select Add-ons.
  • A pop up will appear in which if you look at the top left corner you’ll see Add-ons/Add-on browser click on that.
  • Select the option with Install from zip file.
  • You will see the window getting populated with add-ons scroll to Show Box.
  • Select once you see Showbox.
  • Then you need to select
  • Once you select this zip file you enable Jesusbox repo add-on.
  • Once you have enabled the add-on you will get a notification saying Jesusbox Repository Add-on enabled.
  • Traverse back to option and select Install from Repository.
  • From the list select Jesusbox Repository.
  • Once the next page appears select Video Add-ons.
  • Now click on Showbox Azire from listed add-ons.
  • Until the installation is completed you need to wait, then you will see the notification that the Showbox Add-on enabled.
  • Again go back to Kodi home screen and select Video Add-ons.
  • Scroll the list of installed Add-ons and search until you see Showbox Azire.
  • Launch the Showbox Azire and stream for unlimited shows and movies for free.

This was a bit lengthy but simple process that you can go through to install Showbox on Kodi. There are bunch of repositories available on Kodi which can be used to install almost any Add-on you need. Similarly Jesusbox repository have the Showbox add-on for Kodi so you can easily add Showbox on Kodi with this repository. Showbox supports Kodi so you don’t need to add any extra files to get Showbox on Kodi. You can always watch some great stuff on Showbox and the fun multiplies when you watch it on large screens with good video quality.