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With the ultimate revolution in technology, entertainment industry has boosted up the threshold curve lately. It’s not just the smartphones alone, now tablets, TV, iPod etc. are devices for the source of your entertainment. This is a fact that with advancement in technology one of the most positively affected industry is entertainment industry.

Normally we have enough smart devices build around us but we prefer smartphones mostly over anything else. Everything was going absolutely smooth, and then arrived Showbox for iPhone. There was a complete change in consumer behaviour when showbox came out. The best feature that it came with was that, first it was freely available on android and iOS devices second, you can watch almost anything except Netflix for free.

With a desperate need of entertainment in our life since there has been an absurd change in our lifestyles which includes getting attached to smartphones all hours of the day. Showbox is one such app which can fulfil all your boredom with free Hollywood shows and movies.

With such a great app comes greater responsibilities, showbox was removed from android and iPhone app stores due to some obvious reasons like, there was some pirated included. But, if you are in iPhone user and you want to install Showbox on your iPhone there are some minimal steps that you need to follow. iPhone users have always been prioritised with security since the arrival of iPhone.

Showbox app for iPhone was great for its user since it came with such decent features and almost cleared the security check before it went offline.

Showbox for iPhone, iPad(iOS)

If you want to talk about Hollywood movies and shows, then showbox is your ultimate destination especially if you want everything for free.

Like any other app you can install showbox for free on iPhone. The procedure to install showbox for iPhone is a bit different that will be described later. Let us look at some of the highlighted features of showbox for iPhone smartphone listed below.

Showbox features:-

• Available completely free over internet to watch Hollywood movies and shows.
• All the updates of new movies and shows are directly over servers.
• It is legal to use.
• The interface is user friendly and you can easily find things you want to watch.
• Flexible search option, if you don’t want to scroll for movies and shows to find your favorites.
• You can search movies sorted in order of rating over imdb, year and name.
• You have a filter available for genre for movies which includes romance, comedy, animie etc. for all genres available.
• You have option to choose movie or show quality from 360p to 1080p. Depending on your data condition.
• If you are not able to fetch a movie you can try directly by changing server.
• You can also download a movie and watch it later, since it is saved in your phone.
• Movie and shows content is added directly to servers you don’t need to update the app.
• You can maintain your library for favorite shows and movies.
• If you want to parallel download multiple movies then you can use turbo mode ON.
• You have option to switch subtitles on or off depending on your requirement.

Download Showbox for iPhone for free – Without Jailbreak:

Coming towards the core content of our topic of discussion. Given below are the steps to be followed to download showbox on iPhone without jailbreak.

1. Open your safari browser, go to settings and clear your browser history as well as website data. That way cache won’t create any additional problems while you download.
2. Open your safari browser again and type this in the URL: and go.
3. A page will appear which will suggest you to download the Moviebox app directly from the server itself. Scroll and go there.
4. Select the version of the app as v3.3.7 and install Moviebox.
5. The install with hardly take a few minutes.
6. Meanwhile, you need to approve the author by doing the following: go to Settings->General->Device Management->Huawei
7. Select trusted Huawei.
8. Process completed.

Download free Showbox for iPhone using vShare:

vShare is an app which is available for iOS to download the cracked version of any app outside apple store. Similarly you can download showbox for iOS using vShare for free. Not only Showbox for iPhone but you can download any other app which is not available over iPhone using vShare. It is completely free medium to use. You can also experiment with some different apps but make sure of safety. These are the steps listed below to download the app.
1. Go to your app store and download vShare to download Moviebox which is Showbox.
2. Install the app and open it.
3. Once the app is installed you can see the icon on your home screen.
4. Launch the application.
5. It will ask an option where it states you trust or you don’t trust the app.
6. Click on trust and get started.
7. Navigate towards the search bar and type “Moviebox”.
8. Once the app appears install it by tapping on install.
9. Once done launch the app and start using.

So now we have given out all the possible ways to download Showbox on iPhone for free and without any jailbreak. You have option to choose by which process you want to download. If by any chance one of it doesn’t work for you, you can choose the other one.

These ways are implemented and successful. If you don’t trust in following the URL method you find it not safe to follow, then I would suggest you to download the app from vShare. vShare is great platform and is easy for people who prefer easy installation process to download Showbox on iPhone. People think it is not easy to get apps which are not available in app store but it is all you have to do is use vShare and also there are always ways to download apps directly.

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