5 ShowBox Alternatives : Top Apps Like Showbox to Download Movies, Series

With the high demand of one stop entertainment in smartphones, Showbox has always been in lights. But sine you have to put some extra efforts to download Showbox on your device, since it has been dropped from play store and app store it has been a bit difficult to get the original version. So here we are with the solution for this problem too, we will list some good Showbox alternatives which you can use if you are having trouble with Showbox. Here are some free entertainment apps like Showbox which comes with some advance features and some added cost too.

Best Free Showbox Alternatives (Android/iOS/Windows/Linux):

Below we have stated applications like Showbox which you can use as showbox alternative.

1: Stremio (Android/iOS/Desktop):

It is very portable and flexible alternative of showbox. It supports almost all devices and easy to install too. You can download stremio on android, iOS and on your desktop. It is a hub for entertainment where you can get almost everything you want to watch say it be movies, series and shows of your choice. It has a simple UI which does not you get confused over what and how to watch. It is something different to watch since it organizes content from popular sources like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube etc. So you can watch and organize your playlist from any source.

Stremio Pros:

  • Simple and easy user interface to browse and search videos.
  • App response is good for almost any device.
  • Small in size (11MB) does not sit on ram all day.
  • Lets you organize your playlist.

Stremio Cons:

  • Login option not available.

2: Popcorn time – Showbox alternative free (Android/iOS/Linux):

As the name suggest this is a good alternative for showbox, you can even have popcorn while you watch. Since it supports android, iOS and Linux operating system it has been in sight as leading showbox alternative. I would suggest you to not miss out on this application since it has flexible UI that you can change as you want using a jiff and also it has a very good response over the operating system it supports.

Popcorn Time Pros:

  • Supports smart TV connection if you want to see your show or movie over a big screen.
  • You can play with the interface and language as you see fit.
  • If you are watching videos in any language that you don’t understand than you can add subtitles.
  • Supports iOS Linux and android operating system.

Popcorn Time Cons:

  • Still have a few bugs which are not yet resolved so it may crash sometimes.

3: PlayBox HD – (iOS\Android) Free showbox alternative:

The looks and feels of this app is similar to showbox. So in case you are really infatuated with showbox you can shift to this app with light heart. It almost function similar to showbox which makes it a cemented showbox alternative and also the only difference that you would be able to notice is that the theme for this app is blue in color.

Since it has a suffix HD, you can get the idea that it has high definition video content. You don’t need to download anything rather than the application and all your videos are live streaming. The collection of movies, shows and anime is huge and in HD. You have the liberty to choose the quality of the video that you want to see and click on watch.

Play box HD Pros:

  • HD quality videos available for almost all video content.
  • Stream any movie or you can also download it to watch later.
  • Absolutely free of cost
  • You don’t need to pay and get any premium access to video content.
  • Great collection of videos.

Play box HD Cons:

  • The interface is a bit tricky to understand when you are using it for first time.

4: Crackle – (PS3\Xbox\Roku\Android\Apple TV\iOS)

It has a wide collection of award winning movies and shows to watch. Unlimited access to the video content it holds at the cost of nothing. It lets you create your own account in case even if you switch devices all your favorites stay at same place, you can always log in and resume watching your stuff. Create personal list of your own and add shows and movies your plan to watch. If you are a parent then you have the option to turn mature content on or off if your kids watch too.

Crackle Pros:

  • Supports PS3, Xbox, Roku, Android, Apple TV, iOS and almost anything.
  • Save movies to watch later.
  • Create your personal list of videos.
  • Absolutely free access to all data content.
  • Video quality is great and satisfying.

Crackle Cons:

  • Frequent content updates.

5: Movie Box – [iOS/Android]

It is absolute replica of show box. In iOS devices it is also called showbox version of iOS. It has all the functionality similar to showbox. Only the name varies. To download it you will have to use vShare since it is not easily traceable on app store. For android devices it is easy to download from play store or any external source also. It has an extravaganza collection of movies, anime and shows from Hollywood. You can watch in any quality from 360p to 1080p. It is supports over all iOS and android operating system versions.

Movie Box pro:

  • Supports only android and iOS devices.
  • Free to install and watch stuff.
  • Video quality options for movies and shows.
  • Frequent update of new video content.

Movie Box Cons:

  • Comes with advertisements.
  • May get crashed sometimes

So we have covered best showbox alternatives with specified features along with what kind of operating system or devices they support. We have also discussed all the pros and cons for each of the apps like showbox. You can go through and choose all that you want. Since most of them comes with downloadable option it makes it easy to watch things later in case you are in hurry. These apps are also easy to use in smartphones. You can choose as per your device requirements and enjoy watching shows and movies all you want.

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